Connecting Data to Solve Real-World Problems

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Critical Data for the Early Care and
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Public systems can better address community needs when they use data to understand the challenges people face. But this is complicated by the fact that people interact with different public systems for different needs, and data from just one agency can’t complete the picture. Effectively responding to the complex needs of Colorado residents often requires data across multiple organizations.

LINC responds to this challenge by securely connecting then de-identifying data across systems, resulting in research-ready data that no longer contain personal identifiers. These data are then used to answer approved research and analytic questions that can drive important decisions about policy and programs. Through this process, LINC balances the power of data to improve the lives of Colorado residents with the need to protect privacy.

How LINC Works

Project Development

LINC projects inform new approaches to complex challenges.


LINC partners gain tailored insights and save time and money.

Link & De-identify Data

LINC expertly connects data across systems and protects privacy.

Ethical Data Use

LINC oversees projects so goals are met and data are only used for approved purposes.

Connecting Data to Solve Real-World Problems

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